Small Groups


Come explore small groups at Lakeview Church of God. If you're looking to connect with others, build relationships and learn more about God, then this is for you!


What is a Small Group?
A small group is typically made up of four to twelve people who meet regularly during the week to share their lives, support one another and study Biblical truths. Each group has a Host and a Leader (this may be the same person). Not every group meets weekly – some choose to meet bi-weekly. We offer a variety of options for a time and place.

What do Small Groups do?
This varies from group to group, but most groups have a time of fellowship, prayer, Bible study, discussion, and life application. Small Groups help us build relationships, encourage one another, learn together and pray for one another. It’s a great place to explore, ask questions and grow.


All Lakeview Small Groups can be found in the Church Calendar. If you are interested in a small group Talk to Pastor Rick after worship or Call +1 (440) 888-2791