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Kids with Capes

Lakeview Kids Rocks!

At Lakeview Church of God, we have two separate classes. The youngest class consists of 3-year-olds to second grade. The other age group is made up of third grade and up. 

Preschool Through 5th Grade

Infant/Toddler Playroom

At Lakeview Church of God, we are dedicated to helping kids develop genuine, life-long walks with a personal Savior and Friend, Jesus Christ.  Our current programs are described below.


Sunday School classes are offered for during our weekly worship service.  Sunday School classes include a kid-oriented Worship time, Bible lessons, crafts, games.


Sunday School Classes


Sunday Mornings, 10:30 a.m.  Kids are dismissed after Opening Prayer


Age 3  and up


All parents are welcome to take their infant or toddler to the well-supplied playroom, where parents can enjoy listening to the sermon while letting the little one play.

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